HELIOS-PREISSER is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers in the field of high-quality metrology. Our wide and deep assortment, the premium quality of our products and the decades of experience make us your ideal partner for everything regarding highly precise measurements by hand. 

As an “approachable company”, we are close to the customer and listen to his wishes and demands.
At our production site in Gammertingen on the Swabian Albs, we take quality into our own hands and realise even custom made products, starting at one piece.

 In Germany at home, in demand worldwide - metrology from HELIOS-PREISSER



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Seit über 75 Jahren Messtechnik in Deutschland

HELIOS-PREISSER - this means over 75 years of experience and highest quality in metrology.

With our own production site on the Swabian Alps and our trusted core assortment
"Made in Germany"





Metrology quality by HELIOS-PREISSER



Indicators and Dial Gauges

Dial gauges



Inspection Equipment

Inspection equipment

Marking instruments

Marking instruments

Comparator gauges

Comparator gauges

Squares and graduated rules

Squares & Graduated Rules

Data transmission

Data transmission

Metrology catalogue 2017/2018

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HELIOS-PREISSER auf der Eisenwarenmesse in Köln

International Hardware Fair Cologne 2020 from 01. - 04. March 

Hall 10.1 Floor C - 015




HELIOS-PREISSER auf der AMB in Stuttgart

Control 2020 in Stuttgart from 05. - 08. May

Hall 3 Booth 3200




HELIOS-PREISSER auf der AMB in Stuttgart

International Exhibition for Metal Working AMB in Stuttgart from 15. - 19. September




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