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HELIOS-PREISSER GmbH. In Germany at home - in demand worldwide

The HELIOS-PREISSER GmbH, which originated from PREISSER Messtechnik GmbH, celebrated its 75th anniversary as well as the successful merging of the two brands "HELIOS" and "PREISSER" into one company in 2015.   

The history of HELIOS-PREISSER:
In 1940, Mr. Albert Barth, Willi Hirschvogel and Erich Preißer bond together and founded their company "Barth und Preisser". Here they manufactured measuring instruments from the start. In 1981, the company headquarters moved to Gammertingen, where on 5.000 square meters, hand measuring tools are manufactured since.

After some changeful years, the brand "HELIOS" was integrated into the product line in 2007 and merged with the brand "PREISSER" in 2011. This consolidation into HELIOS·PREISSER consequently led into the rebranding in 2015. Todays HELIOS-PREISSER GmbH with headquarters in Gammertingen on the Swabian Alb and about 120 employees, develops and produces high class measuring instruments for professionals, distributing worldwide.